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The idea for Christ Powered Recovery came to me when I became a Born Again Christian in July 2002.  I had been asked to be a sponsor and the only tools I had to work with was the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve and Twelve.  One day rummaging through a used book store I found a book that changed my life; it is called the Gospel and the Twelve Steps by Martin Davis


I thought that something needed to be done so people that loved Jesus and wanted to follow the steps didn’t have to live in two worlds.  We needed a place where we could call on Jesus openly and not be afraid of ignoring AA etiquette.  I have attended other 12 step Christian groups, even my church at the time had one.  I felt those groups focused on people who were already Christians rather than a group that could cater to both non-believers and believers.


At this time I told my wife Venus, that I wanted to start a new “recovery” group. Starting this group might mean us leaving our church that we had attended for several years to find a place that would share “our” vision. On a Sunday night back in September of 2008 we decided to pray over it.  The next day I got a call from a friend who was a Pastor.  We had breakfast a few days later and he asked me to join his church as one of its leaders and to start a new recovery group.


Given this big responsibility, my wife and I were excited, nervous and even a little scared! How would we do this? What would we use? Who would come?  The questions pour and the praying continued!


I contacted the people from my old group whom I knew had the same struggles I did.  I shared my idea and we discussed what we liked and disliked about programs we had encountered.  We were all in agreement and we decided to move forward.  What would we call the group?  What material would we use? Where would we meet?  I remembered the book the Gospel and the Twelve Steps by Martin and we agreed to use the book as our material.  We decided to run it similar to a 12 step group using our “Higher Power” as Jesus Christ.


On January 6, 2009 we kicked off our first meeting of CPR and we have never slowed down.  On February 15, 2010 we were able to bring CPR to the Midnight Mission.  We are blessed to have been able to partner up with such a wonderful non-profit organization.


CPR - Christ Powered Recovery is a group effort! There are so many people, friends and leaders that without their time and effort CPR would not have been possible.  I want to thank my loving and beautiful wife Venus for standing by me and starting The Pillar’s Support Group.  I can do nothing without her or Jesus. To my children Ruth, Daniela, Abbey and Jose I love you much.


Without Christ I am Nothing,



Hi, my name is Jeff and I am an alcoholic.  Man, I have probably said that over a thousand times…yet I always feel something when I say it. My sobriety date is August 26, 1995. I got sober at the age of twenty-five-I was young and immature but I was clean.  Within my first two years of sobriety, I was married and had a child.  Being as immature as I was and without having a God in my life, I made a big mess of my life.


After trying to live my life in a world without Christ, I got divorced.  Neither of us were ready and all I had to draw on was a God of my understanding-like Santa or the Easter Bunny.  The year 2002 was the beginning to the end, and my life was in the toilet.  I decided I needed to be different and decided to enroll my daughter Ruth in a Christian Church.  She enjoyed Sunday School, but I was not interested in going to Church.


I was always involved with religion, as a child I went to church regularly and as an adult I went on holidays as if God was keeping score.  I thought I would get a pass from him if I went on the important days.  Although I wasn’t ready, I wanted Ruth to be a Christian and become a better person than me.  I began visiting churches, trying to find “my home.”  I checked out a Church in my home town of Burbank and that Sunday I accepted Jesus into my life and have never looked back. I pleaded with my soon to be ex-wife to come with me and start over but she thought that Church and Worship was not for her.


I went from being an Alcoholic without Jesus Christ to being a Born Again Christian Alcoholic and at that time I really didn’t feel like I fit in at either place.  I would go to church whenever I could for activities and then spend the other side at AA.  I even brought my Pastor to one of my annual sobriety birthdays to give me my cake, which upset some of the meeting regulars.


I was living a dual life; at church I was the misfit who had struggled with drugs and alcohol and at AA I was the Bible thumper who didn’t get it. The mere mention of Jesus Christ would bring out a roar from the group so I had to be quiet about what I believed in.


God Bless,


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