Q:      Who is Christ Powered Recovery?

A:      Christ Powered Recovery is a fellowship of men and women who have been affected adversely by alcohol or any mood

altering drug. We believe that as we look to a loving God for help, and put into practice those principles for living which He

has given in the Bible, we shall find both the strength and freedom we need to live productive and happy lives. We strongly

believe that our higher power is Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

Q:      Does the money you raise stay within your organization?

A:      Yes. All the contributions made stay here to help our local neighbors in need.

Q:      How much money goes to provide services?

A:      100% of every dollar goes to the various programs we support. The rest pays for administrative expenses.

Q:      How can I help?

A:      Making a financial commitment by contributing to My Christ Powered Recovery is the bloodline of our organization. We

also accept contributions of your time and talent as a much-valued volunteer. We also accept donations of gently used

clothing and furniture. You can also donate unwanted bicycles, vehicles (e.g. autos, trucks, boats, RVs) etc.

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